Immigration Matters

The benefits of immigration to our community are cultural, economic, and social.

Canadians have typically welcomed immigrants to Canada as highly educated, ambitious and capable people with the potential to contribute positively to Canadian society.

Below the video are some infographics and  information about how our society benefits from the diversity of immigration and newcomers in Canada.

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Immigration and Vernon

The 2016 Census reported that 30% of workers in Vernon were over the age of 55, meaning that some 9,600 are likely to retire in the next decade or so.

There are not enough young people coming through the education system to meet the demand of the current labour market, let alone provide the workforce for potential economic growth.

The good news is a lot of people are moving to Vernon each year—but many of them are older. In the past few years, well over half of the people who moved into the Vernon area from both elsewhere in British Columbia and from outside the province have been over the age of 50.

Being an attractive place to retire is part of the Okanagan Valley’s brand.

However, the region will also need to attract more young people to ensure there enough workers to meet labour market demand in the coming years.

Attracting more immigrants to Vernon would help support a vibrant economic and social life in many other ways

Download a 6-page PDF report about the needs of immigration in Vernon and area, click here. 

Contributions to Canada from 2020 Annual Report to Parliament, IRCC, Page 8
Labour force statistics from 2020 Annual Report to Parliament, IRCC Page 6
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