Immigration Matters

Graphic of people from diverse cultures

The benefits of immigration to our community are cultural, economic, and social.

Immigrants strengthen Vernon’s cultural diversity and bring skills, investment and an entrepreneurial spirit to the community.

The video, infographics and information below describe how our society benefits from the diversity of immigration and newcomers in Canada.

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Immigration and Vernon

Canada has an aging demographic with a declining birth rate and will depend on immigration for social and economic growth in the upcoming decades.

The 2016 Census reported that 30% of workers in Vernon were over the age of 55, meaning that approximately 9,600 are likely to retire in the next decade or so.

Being an attractive place to retire is part of the Okanagan Valley’s brand.  In the past few years, well over half of the people who moved into the Vernon area from elsewhere in British Columbia and from outside the province have been over the age of 50.  However, with our potential for economic growth, the region will need to attract more young people to ensure there are enough workers to meet the labour market demand in the coming years

Attracting more immigrants to Vernon will help support a vibrant economy as well as enrich our community with cultural and social diversity. We are competing on a global stage so it is important for Vernon to be a welcoming and inclusive community.

Download a 6-page PDF report about the needs of immigration in Vernon and area, click here. 

Hear from local immigrants in our 30 second March 2021 campaign.

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