Local Immigration Partnership Council

The Local Immigration Partnership Council (LIPC) oversees the implementation of Vernon’s Settlement and Immigration Strategy and provides guidance and support for the strategic planning process and project completion. Membership is broad-based and representative of the community, and new stakeholders are added as needed.

Vernon’s Settlement and Immigration Strategy

Vernon’s Settlement and Immigration Strategy was developed in conjunction with the Local Immigration Partnership Council with the purpose of attracting and retaining Immigrants to Vernon.  Canada has an aging demographic with a declining birth rate and will need to depend on immigration for social and economic growth in the upcoming decades.  Immigrants provide important cultural diversity to local communities as well as skills, investment and an entrepreneurial spirit.  The community is competing on a global stage for talent so it is important for Vernon to have a plan to attract and keep immigrants in our community.

Community Champions: "Respect Works Here"

Our community is rich with people from Indigenous cultures as well as people from around the world contributing to the fabric of our society. The Social Planning Council honours these individuals and their accomplishments by seeking nominations from local organizations and private citizens.

Each year, we recognize ten nominees who are willing to share their story and accept the nomination as one of Vernon’s Multicultural Community Champions.

We are grateful to the Vernon Morning Star for publishing these stories each month to reach more people in our community and around the world.  Our most recently published Champions are:

July 2020:  LIsa Kurlock

June 2020:  Hugh Carter

May 2020:  Amanda Shatzko


Multicultural Newsletter

A monthly Multicultural Newsletter is distributed free to anyone interested in current local immigration and multicultural events, resources and information.  Follow the links to read past issues or subscribe online free. 

For more information on the LIPC, please contact lipc@socialplanning.ca